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The SolarWinds products retain their simplicity and ease of use however we are being asked by customer to help them get the very best usage out of the investments they have made or are about to make. Often it is the case that products get installed quickly with the owner of the monitoring platform left to learn about its capabilities whilst at the same time asked to provide the monitoring output.

Administrator Course for SolarWinds Software - 5 Days

Orion Core Training

We run different types of training types, styles you might call them. Our Structured SolarWindsCourse is ideally for people who have some knowledge on the SolarWinds products and are the primary user of the solution whose job it is to continue maintaining the platform. The course covers the System and Network Orion product set and the approach of this course covers learning and using test lab tasks in the course itself.

The Structured Course covers the following SolarWinds products:

  • Network Performance Monitor
  • Network Traffic Analyser
  • Server & Application Monitor
  • IP Address Manager
  • Voice & Network Quality Manager
  • User Device Tracker
  • Web Performance Monitor
  • Storage Resource Monitor


Training Course for SolarWinds Dates Location Number of Spaces
Administrator Course for SolarWinds 15th - 19th Jan Worthing, West Sussex Fully Booked
Administrator Course for SolarWinds 23rd - 27th April Worthing, West Sussex Fully Booked
Administrator Course for SolarWinds 18th - 22nd June Worthing, West Sussex Limited Availability
Administrator Course for SolarWinds 24th - 28th September Worthing, West Sussex Spaces Available
Administrator Course for SolarWinds 19th - 23rd November Location to be confirmed Spaces Available


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