IT Management Solutions

Gain Full Control of VMware® & Hyper-V® Environments

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager delivers integrated VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V capacity planning, performance monitoring, VM sprawl control, configuration management, and chargeback automation; all in one awesomely affordable product that’s easy to download, deploy, and use.

  • Troubleshoot across application, virtualization, and storage layers
  • Optimize performance, capacity, and sprawl with prebuilt dashboards
  • Remediate issues using mgmt actions without leaving the console

Virtualization Manager Features:

  • Simplifies identification of virtualization candidates
  • Proactively monitor virtualization-unique performance problems
  • Budget and plan for new purchases efficiently by identifying wastage.
  • Govern and chargeback/showback IT, infrastructure, and cloud services
  • vSphere™ Plugin: Launch Virtualization Manager from within the client
  • Deeply analyse storage I/O problems unique to virtual and private cloud deployments
  • Time Travel: Enables historical problem diagnosis in fast moving virtual environments.
  • Find idle/incorrectly decommissioned VMs, zombie VMs, orphaned files, and over-allocated VMs
  • Troubleshoot application and workload issues in the context of discovered virtual dependencies
  • Quickly discover and act on performance issues using flexible alerts and integrated recommendations
  • Explore what-if scenerios and determine optimal VM placement and identifying capacity application needs.
  • Dashboards and alerts to troubleshoot capacity bottlenecks by proactivley monitoring/detecting issues in real time
  • Track VM and host configurations over time and determine if your virtual environment configuration is drifting from the gold standard