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SolarWinds AppStack

A complete view of the application and its infrastructure layers

The Application Stack Management Bundle contains four integrated SolarWinds® products:  SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, Virtualization Manager, Storage Resource Monitor, and  Web Performance Monitor. Application Stack Enabled Products integrate with each other and have the ability to correlate relationships, resources, and metrics across products and a common dashboard view – the Application Stack Dashboard.

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  • Quickly identify the root cause of app issues within a unified dashboard
  • Full visibility into the performance of the environment across all layers
  • Understand relationships & dependencies in the application mgmt stack


Each product in the bundle provides the Application Stack Dashboard, and as additional products are added to a company’s environment, the dashboard is automatically populated with the status and relationship information specific to the added product.

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For instance, if you have Server & Application Monitor, you’ll be able to see the relationships and status of applications, and server performance. When you add Virtualization Manager, the dashboard will automatically populate to show the relationships between applications, servers, virtual machines and datastores.With the SolarWinds’ Application Stack Management Bundle, your entire infrastructure team can have end-to-end visibility of their environment and performance. Your team can easily identify trouble areas at a glance using an automatic map showing how these infrastructure layers relate to one another. They can also use this map to perform impact analysis.

AppStack Features include the following:Appstack

  • Solve problems from the Web console
  • Support for multiple technology vendors
  • Quick and easy setup and customization
  • Add the dashboard to your NOC view in no time
  • One click troubleshooting into performance details
  • End-to-end visibility across various technology silos
  • Automated application to infrastructure relationship mapping

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