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SolarWinds NPM v12 Features

NPM V12 The Future

NetPath - End to End Network Analysis

One of the major new features in Network Performance Monitor is NetPath which provides multi-path visibility and hop by hop performance metrics whether at the endpoint, local network, wide area network, ISP or datacentre.  In turn NetPath allows you to quickly isolate network issues that are impacting your users,

With NetPath we can discover network paths for your on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based applications such as SalesForce, Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, SAP, Oracle or Citrix the list is ever growing!

Where NetPath will help you:

  • Determine optimal routes and ISP's
  • Reduce ticket queues by giving visibility across the network
  • Locate Latency, loss and bandwidth issues on interfaces
  • Gain website metrics such as availability and response time
  • Clearly identify outage issues, your network or your providers?
  • Point to point path analysis

F5® & BIG-IP® Monitoring

With Network Insight you can monitor the health and performance of all components of application delivery, including WideIPs, virtual servers, pool members, and more. 

Simply click on one of the status indicators to show relationships or dig into additional details about that component.

Cisco Switch Stack Monitoring

In previous versions of NPM, if you monitored a Cisco® SwitchStack® , you only had visibility into the master switch on the stack. With NPM 12.0, you can:

  • See every switch in the stack, and the metrics for each switch in the new Switch Stack subview.
  • Monitor the health of the data stack and power stack rings, and use topology maps to discover breaks and loss of redundancy.
  • Identify and track the stack master and backup stack master.

Additional configuration is not required.

ServiceNow Integration

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and Server & Application Monitor offer native integration with ServiceNow IT Service Management solution. Automatically create ServiceNow incidents for network and application alarms triggered in SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor and Server & Application Monitor.

  • SolarWinds alerts will automatically create new ServiceNow incident tickets
  • Automatically update ServiceNow incident status and details from within SolarWinds alert details.
  • Program existing tickets to be reopened or updated based on alert conditions in SolarWinds

All Orion® Platform based network and systems management software from SolarWinds support integration with ServiceNow.

Network Performance Monitor - v12 Feature Videos

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