IT Management Solutions

Over 60 Must-Have Network Tools

The Engineer's Toolset is a collection of over 60 essential network diagnostic and troubleshooting utilities, has enabled network engineers to access its five most popular tools from any Web browser or portable device, for real-time fault finding and troubleshooting on the go.

  • Web based access for the 5 most used tools
  • One affordable toolbox of networking utilities for all needs
  • Integrated Orion node management for device diagnostics and alerting
  • Monitoring, Diagnostic, Discovery, Configuration, SNMP, and Cisco® management tools

With new integration into SolarWinds' core technology backbone, SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset provides network engineers with the real-time tools they need to easily correlate user’s reported issues such as slowness or connectivity issues with the performance levels of their infrastructure. Because it is quick and easy to use the toolset allows for actionable decisions aimed at reducing the time to detect and repair issues affecting end users and thus allowing the IT team to deliver a high a level of service.

Popular Engineers Toolset Utilities:

Response Time Monitor

Network Engineers need to monitor availability of all devices in real time in their IT estate; Response Time Monitor monitors multiple devices and provides latency and availability information in tabular form. You can also set polling interval for a selection of devices based on bandwidth requirements getting metrics such as status, device name, IP address availability and response time.

Memory Monitor

Track real time memory utilisation in devices such as routers, switches alongside the total memory available, record peak load levels and instantly view utilisation levels with colour coded visuals.

CPU Monitor

Your CPU’s are exposed to worms and virus’s that can increase traffic load, using CPU Monitor you can monitor and graph loads on multiple devices providing CPU and host statistics in tabular format. As with Memory Monitor you can see current load in relation to maximum load. Using colour coded visuals you can always see where these levels reach dangerous limits.

Interface Monitor

By capturing and analysing SNMP data from routers and switches the Interface Monitor can display a number of useful statistics simultaneously. Select received and transmitted or both kinds of traffic from the below stats groups:

  • Percent Utilisation
  • Bandwidth
  • Total bytes transferred
  • Error packets
  • Discarded packets


Using TraceRoute you can see the performance and latency of each hop within the path and also analysis of each hop by running averages, minimums and maximums. Using TraceRoute you can quickly isolate and identify the failure within your network whether its segment or bandwidth related.Traceroute also gives you the ability to connect to a netwok device directly.