IT Management Solutions

LANGuardian Overview

NetFort LANGuardian is software that analyzes your network traffic. Using advanced deep packet inspection techniques, LANGuardian gives you a unique level of visibility into everything that's happening on your network, including user activity, file and database monitoring, intrusion detection, bandwidth usage, and Internet access. -you'll be amazed at what you can find out from your network traffic!

LANGuardian creates a database of historical traffic data that you can use for advanced network troubleshooting and to meet your auditing and compliance requirements. It gathers all its information from the raw traffic or flow data in your network – it requires no custom hardware, there are no clients or agents to install, and there is no impact on network performance.

LanGuardian Product Features

  • Customizable browser-based dashboard
  • Total visibility on user activities, including file share events & bandwidth usage
  • Real Time Traffic collection engine
  • Display Network and user events including, infected machines, skype users, large file transfers
  • Drill down Data forensics views
  • Compliance Reports for SOX, PCI and CoCo
  • Trend monitoring over time
  • Instant alerting and e-mail notification