IT Management Solutions

27 Jul


Before getting into this in great detail I wanted to assure you all of my standing in this area by proudly announcing my own accreditation, Level 1- WSET (Wine, Spirit & Education Trust) which I hold dear to my heart (and liver). On a more serious note and having read through a large number of CV's of late I am struck by the importance these now play in our industry and in many cases the first things employers look for in the CV's of potential candidates.


Our own Technical Director explained to me that a CCIE almost guaranteed a certain salary level which left me asking these questions question. Am I being naive or doesn’t hands on experience play a role, is it true that we are paying too much attention to three and four letters than reading through and understanding the specifics of someone’s employment history. Do accreditations mean that person will be dedicated to their role, loyal to the company and able to adapt to new challenges?


So in the most beautifully unsubtle masking of our own virtues may I say that we have successfully trained around 100+ engineers to pass the SolarWinds SCP accreditation in the last 6 months and that SolarWinds Structured Course on Orion Network Performance Monitor and its Modules are available to be booked should you feel that three more letters on your CV would make your life complete.


Matt Crane
WSET (level 1)