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Not one but TWO ORION Releases!

Ultimate Visibility SolarWinds NPM & SAM


With the recent release of Orion NPM v10.6 and SAM v6.0 SolarWinds has continued its release cycle for a major feature release twice each year.

 With every new release comes the decision as to whether you should upgrade or not; is it worth the time to perform the upgrade, how long will the system be down for, will I benefit from the new features? These are all relevant questions and ones which should be reviewed carefully before deciding.

 Orion NPM v10.6 - Report Engine Overhaul and Maps

 The standout features of the new Orion NPM are the update to the Reporting engine. Yes I know this has been long overdue, but for a first release of a complete new reporting engine, we are pretty excited. Tabular reports were never an issue, but getting meaningful charts and other graphical information within a Report was always cumbersome or time consuming. This has been revolutionised, with the reports now configured within the web interface via an intuitive GUI that allows not just tabular data and charts to be included, but a host of other key data. The capability to create highly information, easy to digest reports is something I know many of our customers have been desperate for. We will be putting up a separate blog post on the new reporting capability within the next few days.

Another feature which has been requested by many is interactive geographic maps. SolarWinds have chosen to utilise the OpenStreetMap engine for this and while (for now) this is limited to only having Node and interface objects within it, as the map has dynamic zooming it will automatically group devices within a small area as you zoom out, and then as you zoom in will spread the devices out as the map detail increases. For those of you with lots of regional offices, once you create your first map you will never go back.

Orion SAM v6.0

I am going to start with one word - AppInsight. This is the new name given to pre-built, powerful and automatic application monitoring templates.

The first release for this support Microsoft SQL Server, where instead of having a standard SAM template with a number of individual monitors contained within it is simply a matter of running the List Resources option against a SQL Server node and ticking the AppInsight for SQL checkbox. SAM will now go off and collect a huge amount of data from each SQL Instance on that server, including all of the standard SQL metrics; number of user connections, Buffer Cache Ratio etc. etc., but also database status, sizes, expensive queries being run and a whole lot more.

 This has all been neatly packed into a tuned Application details page display, with specific visual information displays with categorised output. SQL admins and application admins are simply going to love what AppInsight brings to SQL Server monitoring!

Another big inclusion in SAM v6.0 is the server inventory, which automatically collects information from each monitored server showing installed software, service patches and a granular breakdown of hardware,

such as memory type and size, free RAM slots, Array cards, motherboard/BIOS information and Service data, including a nice resource report highlighting which servers are out of service support and those coming up to expiration.


 To all our customers, if you have any questions on how to upgrade, how to use the new features, you should know by now all you have to do is give us a call  where we would be happy to help or if you're not a customer yet you can contact us via email  for more information.

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