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Q&A Session: An Introduction To NetBrain

Here at Prosperon Networks, we are all very excited about our recent partnership with NetBrain, and even more excited about showing NetBrain to our customers! In the first of a series of Q&A session on NetBrain and Adaptive Network Automation, Dax Attwood gives us a high-level introduction to NetBrain.

Custom Report: Incompatible Custom Pollers

It is not a secret that SNMP is a little bit of a mess when we need to know whether a device is compatible with a particular OID. The only way to be sure about it is by testing the OID against the device, and the result of this test will depend on several variables such as device model, firmware version, firmware package (IP Base, IP Services…) , features enabled (EIGRP, HSRP …) or even how the features are configured (BGP in basic mode or AF mode).

An Introduction To The New SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion

Early in June SolarWinds announced the pre-release launch of their new syslog and SNMP Trap solution for their flagship Orion monitoring suite; SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion. This is to be a licensed module, which will provide a solution to allow the reception of event log data for operational use.

Exported Alert: Change The SolarWinds Status Icon When A Device Has A Problem

A common complaint that I receive when I’m onsite delivering consultancy or training on SolarWinds is that alerts can be disconnected from what you see for the device status on the web interface. I understand that this is quite annoying when you check a device and you see its status is green when the same device has a critical alert.