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27 Aug

Exported Report - Custom Disk Capacity Forecast

For the third (and final) blog of our SolarWinds Orion Capacity Forecast series, we are going to cover how to modify the trend calculation to make it more accurate to the real world. If you are interested in custom forecasting in Orion, please look back at the first two blog posts in this series, which cover Port Capacity Planning and Application Performance Capacity Forecasting.

26 Aug

Exported Report - Application Performance Capacity Forecast

Continuing our series of Capacity Planning blog bites started with the previous blog ‘Port Capacity Planning Report’, today I wanted to talk about the builtin Capacity Forecast feature.

21 Aug

Exported Report - Port Capacity Planning

When we think about the main features that SolarWinds users get with their Orion platform, capacity planning is not one of the first of the features that come up to mind, however, I personally consider capacity planning one of the best features available in SolarWinds.

18 Sep

Custom Report: Incompatible Custom Pollers

It is not a secret that SNMP is a little bit of a mess when we need to know whether a device is compatible with a particular OID. The only way to be sure about it is by testing the OID against the device, and the result of this test will depend on several variables such as device model, firmware version, firmware package (IP Base, IP Services…) , features enabled (EIGRP, HSRP …) or even how the features are configured (BGP in basic mode or AF mode).

6 Jul

Exported Alert: Change The SolarWinds Status Icon When A Device Has A Problem

A common complaint that I receive when I’m onsite delivering consultancy or training on SolarWinds is that alerts can be disconnected from what you see for the device status on the web interface. I understand that this is quite annoying when you check a device and you see its status is green when the same device has a critical alert.

31 May

The 7 Things No One Tells You About Monitoring

Do you know that expression we say a lot in IT? “first get the basics right”. Actually, it is a big truth, we, as IT engineers, love to use cutting-edge technologies, configure complicated stuff, spend lots of hours trying to figure out how to use that advance feature that guy at the IPEXPO told us was possible.

30 Apr

Join The Precrime Department: Backup Your Network Device Configurations Before Someone Breaks Them!

Do you guys remember the movie Minority Report? In this movie, there are three psychics called precogs that are part of “Precrime”, a specialised police department that could apprehend criminals based on foreknowledge provided by the precogs. I have to admit that I like the movie because it makes me think whether this is something that would be accepted in our society in the present day. But also makes me wonder if we could do something similar with our network devices, and catch the bad guy before something nasty happens on your network. In this case, we don’t want to put anyone in jail, we just want to be sure that we have the tools to identify, take action and revert any changes.