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5 Jan

SolarWinds turn their heads to Security folks!

SolarWinds quest for world domination continues with them now knocking on the door of IT Security folks with the acquisition of the SIM TriGeo a few months back. One thing is clear; they have certainly purchased a fine looking SIEM solution. As with their other flagship solutions for networking, application, virtualization and storage management, they are pitching themselves up against some pretty hefty hitters in this space but as many of you know with their powerful branding and low-cost licence models they are bound to get some head-space here.

7 Sep

Cisco's Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) Deployment Challenges

Thousands of organizations have been able to slash costs using Cisco’s Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN). This technology was introduced some time ago and is most used for enabling fully meshed communication for mobile workers, telecommuters and extranet users.

6 Jul

Finally the New Reporting Engine from SolarWinds

Orion NPM 10.6 brings with it a completely overhauled Reporting Engine, this long awaited update has been one of the most requested and sought after updates to date. The new Reporting Engine allows end users to quickly and easily compile reports using an intuitive point and click web-interface directly from the Orion Web Console.

30 Aug

Prosperon Networks wins SolarWinds Award

Just announced Prosperon Networks receives further recognition as 'Partner of the Month' July 2013 to SolarWinds - . As consultants of the award winning SolarWinds portfolio of products this is a great achievement.

6 Feb

Effective Storage Management Disciplines

Today many companies IT budgets are spent on Storage and managing it effectively, just 10 years ago dedicated storage teams were virtually unheard of let alone having a disciplined approach to its expenditure.

29 Jul

Web Help Desk from SolarWinds

Another week, another addition to the SolarWinds portfolio! The acquisition fills a nice hole within the product range for SolarWinds, bringing a web based Help Desk ticketing system into the fold. The recent and continued growth of SolarWinds and the dominance of the Orion suite for network monitoring and management, it was always a matter of time before SolarWinds delivered a solution for service and help desk ticketing and here it is!

20 Oct

Reporting from IP EXPO in London

It’s been a busy week for the AppNetians! We’ve been bouncing from the N-Able Partner Summit (AZ) to TigerPaw (TX) and now across the pond to IP EXPO in London. Whew! We’re here in support of our partner, Prosperon Networks, a leading UK provider of network and systems monitoring solutions for small/medium and enterprise networks. Reporting from the floor of IPEXPO, there are a lot of people, great solutions and important discussions around network and application performance management.

27 Jul

Accreditation's What You Need!

I recently saw an article about the importance to IT staff of accreditation's on their CV's. Before getting into this in great detail I wanted to assure you all of my standing in this area by proudly announcing my own accreditation, Level 1- WSET (Wine, Spirit & Education Trust) which I hold dear to my heart (and liver). On a more serious note and having read through a large number of CV's of late I am struck by the importance these now play in our industry and in many cases the first things employers look for in the CV's of potential candidates.