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Dax Attwood

Dax Attwood

Monitoring Engineer

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16 Apr

Q&A Session: An Introduction To NetBrain

Here at Prosperon Networks, we are all very excited about our recent partnership with NetBrain, and even more excited about showing NetBrain to our customers! In the first of a series of Q&A session on NetBrain and Adaptive Network Automation, Dax Attwood gives us a high-level introduction to NetBrain.

29 Mar

Using Custom Query To Search For All IP Addresses Assigned To A Node

The other day a customer had asked me if there was a way to search for ALL IP addresses on a node or search for any IP address and have Orion show us the related device. Well this is possible using a specific widget in the Orion web interface!

14 Feb

Under The Radar: Device Not Replying To SNMPWMI/Agent - Prosperon Networks

We’ve all been there - SolarWinds isn’t displaying up-to-date metrics for a node but nothing seems to be wrong – the device is up, you can log in and perform commands and everything else seems functional but try as you might, you can’t gather current statistics.

25 Aug

Monitoring All Auto-Start Services In A Single SolarWinds Orion SAM Script

Learn how to monitor services configured for automatic startup in bulk, using a single component monitor with a PowerShell script, in SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor