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Join Prosperon and SolarWinds® on Thursday, 19th July, for a webinar to discover how to leverage and benefit from the key new features within recent SolarWinds® updates and new product releases.

This webinar examines how to scale SolarWinds to meet your requirements, using the new scaling enhancements to Network Performance Monitor. You will learn how to easily identify application performance issues, using the new Applications on Map feature in Server & Application Monitor. Explore the database architecture changes within Network Traffic Analyser, and how Prosperon can help you upgrade to the latest version.

What you will learn on this webinar:

  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12.3: Learn about the new scalability improvements to the SolarWinds Orion platform; and how to leverage new product features, such as Network Insight support for Cisco Nexus devices.
  • SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor 6.6.1: Explore how the new Applications on Map feature helps identify health and performance issues faster, and how to use the newly added outgoing connections for Application Dependencies.
  • SolarWinds Network Traffic Analyser 4.4: Discover how the upcoming database architecture change will affect you, and how Prosperon can help you upgrade to the latest version with minimal disruption to your platform and organisation.
  • Live Demonstrations & Q&A Session: A Senior Engineer will demonstrations these and other features in NCM, and the recently launched Log Manager for Orion.

Places are limited, so register early to avoid disappointment.

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