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Join Prosperon and SolarWinds® on Thursday, 2nd November for a webinar to discover how to enhance your SolarWinds platform using Advanced Alerts.

This webinar examines how to improve the efficiency of your SolarWinds platform by going beyond out-of-the-box alerts. You will learn how advanced alerts can help you reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot issues, get deeper visibility into performance problems, and use custom alert outputs to automate manual tasks.

What you will learn on this webinar:

  • High CPU Utilisation On Cisco Devices Alert: Learn how to go beyond the standard Cisco alert in SolarWinds to capture data at the same time the issue occurs to help determine the cause and resolution.
  • Change Custom Property Based On IP Address Alert: Discover how to update custom properties automatically; such as updating a custom property location, based on the IP Address of a device.
  • Delete Content Of Temp Folder If Disk Is Full Alert: Knowing your temp folder is full can be very useful but did you know that the temp folder can be automatically cleared based on the output of a custom alert?
  • Live Demonstrations & Q&A Session: A SolarWinds MVP will demonstrate how to implement these alerts, and provide the custom code and resources you need to import them into your own SolarWinds platform.

Places are limited, so register early to avoid disappointment.

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