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Our SolarWinds Certified Professional Engineers have overseen some of the largest installs of SolarWinds Orion in Europe, and over time have gathered a wealth of experience and best practice skills that will ensure your deployment of Orion is working at the levels required.

Orion Healthcheck

Many of our customers see the benefit in our engineers revisiting the solution, with such an aggressive development strategy it is easy to fall behind with updating the product and making the most of the new features that are continuously added by the vendor.

To ensure you gain maximum benefit from your SolarWinds Orion Network Monitoring and Management system, it is important to ensure it is provisioned and configured correctly. As such a solution is critical to gaining insight into the health and performance of your network and services running over them, maintaining the solution and providing the correct resources for operation is key.


The Health Check SolarWinds Optimisation service includes:


  • Perform a baseline analysis of the Orion deployment
  • Assess the health of each component that makes up the solution, identify if any areas are affecting system performance and stability. Identify the levels of performance required for the solution
  • Determine what, where and how performance improvements can be achieved to optimise the architecture of the deployment
  • Meet customer requirements from the resources available and identify any training requirements to ensure internal staff are equipped to gain maximum benefit from the solutions
  • Provide a report and action plan to restore health and operational requirement
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