IT Management Solutions



Prosperon Networks provide a range of professional services specifically for SolarWinds products, using our accredited engineer our customers know their deployments have been installed by engineers who have the knowledge and experience required to advise on the correct hardware specification and perform configurations for their specific monitoring environments. We want to make sure that your monitoring processes are not hindered by poor performing or badly set up installations immediately after you make your investment.

These are the following types of installations we can provide for SolarWinds products:

Basic Level Installation Service

We provide this service to organisations that want to be involved in parts of the setup stages of the installation, the basic service provides a starting block to the customer but also gives them the knowledge to continue on from this base level. Our engineers are comfortable being shadowed in the initial installation and happy to give out best practice advice as well as knowledge share training sessions towards the end of the site visit.

It is usual for our engineers to have to scope calls or visits to site to uncover the true requirements and then outline the nature of work that we will provide within a simple Scope of Works documents, this is then followed up post visit with a full consultancy log detailing the work provided with any action points resulting from the visit.

Best Practice

You can expect a Basic Installation to include

  • Software Installation
  • Configure Base Application Settings
  • Partial Device Population
  • Create User Accounts
  • Web Presentations
  • Maps
  • Alerting
  • Grouping & Dependencies
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions



Production Level Installation Service

Some customers don’t have the time resources or in-house knowledge required to carry out the installation and configuration of the monitoring tools.

Prosperon Networks provide advanced services that require architecture design; planning and full customisations that extend on from the Basic level service. When the project is completed by our staff the SolarWinds platform will be fully tuned so that customers have a fully operational installation, it is a platform that they can rely on to provide reactive and proactive information in the correct way according to their internal environment.

Production Level Service includes:

Project Management
  • Scoping Visits
  • High/ Low-Level Design Documentation
  • Post Installation Consultancy Logs

We also provide engineers who have security clearance in place for sensitive locations.