IT Management Solutions


We first started providing SolarWinds Professional Services in 2006 and focus ourselves towards improving all monitoring aspects of the IT environment. Sometimes we speak to existing users of SolarWinds products and find that they have got in a bit of a pickle and need some help getting it to a workable, usable place where it provides information of accuracy and real value to all its users.

There's a number of reasons why monitoring platforms can go stale, sometimes it through lack of attention with resources having to go into other projects. Other times the underlying hardware can be struggling to provide a stable performance when left any monitoring solution is unlikely to be able to give real insight into the health of networks or systems.

With our Services range we can review your installation in the first instance with our SolarWinds HealthCheck and provide a report on our findings to you, we can then start making these documented improvements and breath life back into your SolarWinds platform, typically in the following areas:

Configuration Improvements

  • Check Hardware Specification
  • Improve the Alerting process and create dependencies
  • Visually improving by adding/creating drill-down Maps
  • Create Groups & Accounts so certain roles get the right information
  • Create Dashboards for all user types, help desk, engineers & mgmt roles.

Platform Migrations

  • SQL Database migration
  • SolarWinds Application migration
  • Netflow Storage Database migration
  • Physical to Virtual migration
  • Virtual to physical migration

Custom Reporting

  • Availability reports based on device type, offices, regions, service…
  • WAN / Internet utilisation statistics
  • Top offender reports
  • Graphs/charts tuning
  • Report Writer reports to Web-Based reports conversion
  • Advanced SQL/SWQL reports


A lot of our customers make requests for the SolarWinds products to be integrated into their existing toolset, these integrations vary and because of the open SolarWinds API virtually nothing is impossible. Common requests are to integrate into:

  • Help Desk Software – ServiceNow, BMC or SolarWinds own Help Desk Manager
  • Other Monitoring Platforms – Microsoft SCOM, CA Spectrum

This document can help you understand the integration possibilities as an existing SolarWinds user, but we have best practice advice on this nature of work for customers and would happily share it with you.

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