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Orion Network Configuration Manager Overview

Network Configuration Management just got easy!

Manually changing your network configuration is simple enough on one device right? However when you have multiple devices to manually change this can be a painstaking, time wasting exercise.

Worse than that, manually changing many devices is also potentially risky, the smallest error in configuration can lead to all sorts of problems later that affect productivity. Orion NCM is a network configuration and change management solution that can be integrated in Orion NPM or used as a standalone solution.

Using a highly intuitive web interface, NCM provides point and click simplicity and ease of use when you need to access configuration data. NCM also continuously monitors these configurations and notifies you of any changes to the parameters, producing compliance reports that confirm you are using corporate and regulatory standards.

SolarWinds Orion NCM - Videos

SolarWinds Head Geek - NCM Tour Orion NCM Config Changes Orion NCM Customer Interview Orion NCM Compliance Reporting

Orion NCM Overview

Configuration Changes

NCM Customer Interview

Compliance Reporting

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