IT Management Solutions

Proactive VoIP QoS Management & WAN Performance Monitoring

SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager gives you at-a-glance insight into all aspects of WAN and VoIP performance by providing the ability to search and filter your call detail records (CDRs) and call management records. Download a free trial and get a global snapshot of your IP SLA operations in less than an hour.

  • Monitors Cisco® & Avaya VoIP Quality of Service call metrics
  • Correlates call quality issues with WAN performance
  • Searches & filters call detail records
  • Monitors site-to-site WAN performance using Cisco® IP SLA
  • Automatically discovers Cisco® IP SLA enabled network devices

VoIP Network and Quality Manager at a Glance

  • Leverages technology that's already built into your existing routers.
  • VoIP call performance using Call Detail Records (CDRs) and Call Management Records (CMRs) are monitored with the ability to Troubleshoot.
  • Provides support with detailed gateway information for Cisco Call Manager V7 and V8
  • See site to site network performance with clickable drill down maps.
  • Discovery engine that sets up IPSLA capable devices automatically.
  • Diagnose where WAN performance is affecting applications.
  • Firewalled environments are supported via TCP
  • Provides WAN Performance Dashboards