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The New SolarWinds Certified Professional Program Has Arrived! - Prosperon Networks

SolarWinds created way back (in IT terms it is way back) in June of 2009 a certification program, the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP), for users of their Orion platform to attain a vendor accreditation. This for us as dedicated SolarWinds resellers was a seminal moment in the lifespan of working with SolarWinds, as it marked the company out as being of the size and deployment coverage that people would take note and see the benefit of having such an accreditation.

SolarWinds Orion - Managing the Alerting Engine

This blog explains how time spent on configuring alerts in SolarWinds Orion can help reduce your stress levels and ensure the correct people receive the alerts they need. It also includes an extract from our MasterClass Alerting Course for SolarWinds.

SolarWinds Orion Custom Query Resource - A Hidden Gem!

In this blog post, see how the Custom Query resource within the Orion web presentation options allow information to be presented in different ways to other resources, and how you can create your own custom search box function.

27 Jul

Accreditation's What You Need!

I recently saw an article about the importance to IT staff of accreditation's on their CV's. Before getting into this in great detail I wanted to assure you all of my standing in this area by proudly announcing my own accreditation, Level 1- WSET (Wine, Spirit & Education Trust) which I hold dear to my heart (and liver). On a more serious note and having read through a large number of CV's of late I am struck by the importance these now play in our industry and in many cases the first things employers look for in the CV's of potential candidates.