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Are You Still Creating Static Network Diagrams?

In my day-to-day Business Development role at Prosperon Networks, I speak to many different IT specialists who spend their day working on the network of their organisation. One common theme that I’ve encountered, that has led me to write this article, is that the vast majority of these IT specialists I speak to, tell me that they don’t have anything in place to help assist with documenting their network. It is a very manual process, and other than the occasional use of Visio to offer some assistance, the majority of people I speak to are documenting their entire network by hand.

Exported Report - Custom Disk Capacity Forecast

For the third (and final) blog of our SolarWinds Orion Capacity Forecast series, we are going to cover how to modify the trend calculation to make it more accurate to the real world. If you are interested in custom forecasting in Orion, please look back at the first two blog posts in this series, which cover Port Capacity Planning and Application Performance Capacity Forecasting.

Exported Report - Application Performance Capacity Forecast

Continuing our series of Capacity Planning blog bites started with the previous blog ‘Port Capacity Planning Report’, today I wanted to talk about the builtin Capacity Forecast feature.

Exported Report - Port Capacity Planning

When we think about the main features that SolarWinds users get with their Orion platform, capacity planning is not one of the first of the features that come up to mind, however, I personally consider capacity planning one of the best features available in SolarWinds.

Q&A Session: An Introduction To NetBrain

Here at Prosperon Networks, we are all very excited about our recent partnership with NetBrain, and even more excited about showing NetBrain to our customers! In the first of a series of Q&A session on NetBrain and Adaptive Network Automation, Dax Attwood gives us a high-level introduction to NetBrain.

12 Mar

Custom Report: Incompatible Custom Pollers

It is not a secret that SNMP is a little bit of a mess when we need to know whether a device is compatible with a particular OID. The only way to be sure about it is by testing the OID against the device, and the result of this test will depend on several variables such as device model, firmware version, firmware package (IP Base, IP Services…) , features enabled (EIGRP, HSRP …) or even how the features are configured (BGP in basic mode or AF mode).

An Introduction To The New SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion

Early in June SolarWinds announced the pre-release launch of their new syslog and SNMP Trap solution for their flagship Orion monitoring suite; SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion. This is to be a licensed module, which will provide a solution to allow the reception of event log data for operational use.

Exported Alert: Change The SolarWinds Status Icon When A Device Has A Problem

A common complaint that I receive when I’m onsite delivering consultancy or training on SolarWinds is that alerts can be disconnected from what you see for the device status on the web interface. I understand that this is quite annoying when you check a device and you see its status is green when the same device has a critical alert.

The 7 Things No One Tells You About Monitoring

Do you know that expression we say a lot in IT? “first get the basics right”. Actually, it is a big truth, we, as IT engineers, love to use cutting-edge technologies, configure complicated stuff, spend lots of hours trying to figure out how to use that advance feature that guy at the IPEXPO told us was possible.

How To Use Baseline Calculations In SolarWinds

In monitoring, the importance of baselining can’t be overstated. It’s all well and good that you are gathering utilisation data for memory, CPU, and other metrics, but without adequately calculated thresholds how do you really know what the performance is? Of course, you have the options of using global defaults, but the best practice approach is to place thresholds at the object layer.

Join The Precrime Department: Backup Your Network Device Configurations Before Someone Breaks Them!

Do you guys remember the movie Minority Report? In this movie, there are three psychics called precogs that are part of “Precrime”, a specialised police department that could apprehend criminals based on foreknowledge provided by the precogs. I have to admit that I like the movie because it makes me think whether this is something that would be accepted in our society in the present day. But also makes me wonder if we could do something similar with our network devices, and catch the bad guy before something nasty happens on your network. In this case, we don’t want to put anyone in jail, we just want to be sure that we have the tools to identify, take action and revert any changes.

Exported Report: When Were Your Servers Last Patched? Find Out With SolarWinds

Last week my good friend Dan asked me if he could get a report in SolarWinds that displays the last time the Windows servers were patched, and, if possible, which the patches were deployed at that time. Now I must point out that Dan does not have the SolarWinds Patch Manager solution, which provides this information natively, oh and the ability to perform all system patching tasks, but Dan does not have Patch Manager. Still, the answer was ‘sure it does, it’s SolarWinds!’

Using Custom Query To Search For All IP Addresses Assigned To A Node

The other day a customer had asked me if there was a way to search for ALL IP addresses on a node or search for any IP address and have Orion show us the related device. Well this is possible using a specific widget in the Orion web interface!

Exported Report - VMs Not Monitored In SolarWinds Orion

In order to monitor virtual machines in your environment it is beneficial to combine two different approaches; monitoring guest servers through the physical host and monitoring these servers directly using WMI, SNMP or agent.

A Fantastic Year End Brings Further Expansion For Prosperon

Following a successful year in which Prosperon more than doubled its workforce, increased its customer-base by twenty-four percent, and won a prestigious business award for best customer service, 2018 is already keeping the pace as we look forward to another period of growth.

The New SolarWinds Certified Professional Program Has Arrived! - Prosperon Networks

SolarWinds created way back (in IT terms it is way back) in June of 2009 a certification program, the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP), for users of their Orion platform to attain a vendor accreditation. This for us as dedicated SolarWinds resellers was a seminal moment in the lifespan of working with SolarWinds, as it marked the company out as being of the size and deployment coverage that people would take note and see the benefit of having such an accreditation.

Under The Radar: Device Not Replying To SNMPWMI/Agent - Prosperon Networks

We’ve all been there - SolarWinds isn’t displaying up-to-date metrics for a node but nothing seems to be wrong – the device is up, you can log in and perform commands and everything else seems functional but try as you might, you can’t gather current statistics.

SolarWinds Orion NPM v12 is released

The new versions have landed, yes that’s right versions. Due to the new web GUI updates within Orion, each of the modules has been updated, however the exciting stuff is focused towards the new Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Server & Application Monitor (SAM) Orion applications.

SolarWinds turn their heads to Security folks!

SolarWinds quest for world domination continues with them now knocking on the door of IT Security folks with the acquisition of the SIM TriGeo a few months back. One thing is clear; they have certainly purchased a fine looking SIEM solution. As with their other flagship solutions for networking, application, virtualization and storage management, they are pitching themselves up against some pretty hefty hitters in this space but as many of you know with their powerful branding and low-cost licence models they are bound to get some head-space here.

Automatic Device Discovery with SolarWinds

Learn how to automate Network device discovery with SolarWinds User Device Tracker and IP Address Manager

Exported Template - Microsoft Exchange Message Queue Length

The AppInsight for Microsoft Exchange template is amazing, it gives you almost all the information you need from your mailboxes, however, there is just one little thing that doesn’t give, the total delivery queue length. Why is that? Basically, because AppInsight for Exchange is a template that has to be assigned to Exchange servers with the mailbox role, whereas delivery queue is a metric available on the Hub Transport servers.

Exported Template - Windows DNCP Leases Monitor

If you are using the default the Windows DHCP template in Server and Application Monitor, you probably have noticed that it is a great template but it is missing a monitor for the total number of DHCP leases for a particular DHCP scope.

Monitoring All Auto-Start Services In A Single SolarWinds Orion SAM Script

Learn how to monitor services configured for automatic startup in bulk, using a single component monitor with a PowerShell script, in SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

Automatic Node Population & Application Assignment (Part 2)

In this second part of our two part article, you will learn how to leverage automation within SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) to completely automate the process of monitoring your server farm

Automatic Node Population & Application Assignment (Part 1)

Learn how to leverage automation within SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) to completely automate the process of monitoring your server farm

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor v12.x & Custom Coded Resources

Having trouble getting your custom code working again since the recent release of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) v12? This article from Prosperon Networks explains how to get your custom code working again.

SolarWinds PerfStack - What Is It & How To Use It

The latest release of SolarWinds core platform updates brought hot new versions of the SolarWinds application stack, most notably, Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and Server and Application Monitor (SAM). The stand out new feature was undoubtedly PerfStack.

The Next Level in Network Performance Monitoring

Network monitoring solutions are a fundamental part of today’s IT department’s life. As information technology evolves, different types of applications are introduced into to the way we do business every day.

The Implication of the new SolarWinds NetFlow v4

Some new releases come along and you sit there and think whether it is worthwhile to upgrade or not. This whole number version release of NTA is an architectural update rather than any significant feature additions and as such needs very careful review!

How to control MAC address flooding with SolarWinds

As monitoring engineers, we, the tech team at Prosperon, always face new challenges when SolarWinds users ask us how to deal with specific issues or security threads that occur on their network. As an example, one of them asked us how we could monitor if there was a MAC address flooding attack on their network.

Gartner Report - A SolarWinds Review 2016

The latest Gartner Report on Network Performance Management and Diagnosis have been published with the Austin based vendor's tools included, I have been working with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor since 2002 so for me this report threw up some interesting points.

Cisco's Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) Deployment Challenges

Thousands of organizations have been able to slash costs using Cisco’s Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN). This technology was introduced some time ago and is most used for enabling fully meshed communication for mobile workers, telecommuters and extranet users.

Finally the New Reporting Engine from SolarWinds

Orion NPM 10.6 brings with it a completely overhauled Reporting Engine, this long awaited update has been one of the most requested and sought after updates to date. The new Reporting Engine allows end users to quickly and easily compile reports using an intuitive point and click web-interface directly from the Orion Web Console.

SolarWinds Orion - Managing the Alerting Engine

This blog explains how time spent on configuring alerts in SolarWinds Orion can help reduce your stress levels and ensure the correct people receive the alerts they need. It also includes an extract from our MasterClass Alerting Course for SolarWinds.

SolarWinds Orion Custom Query Resource - A Hidden Gem!

In this blog post, see how the Custom Query resource within the Orion web presentation options allow information to be presented in different ways to other resources, and how you can create your own custom search box function.

30 Aug

Prosperon Networks wins SolarWinds Award

Just announced Prosperon Networks receives further recognition as 'Partner of the Month' July 2013 to SolarWinds - . As consultants of the award winning SolarWinds portfolio of products this is a great achievement.

Dastardly & Muttley Worthing Birdman 2013

You have probably heard about Worthing's Annual Birdman Trophy in which several total fools decide to build a plane like "structure" and launch themselves off the pier to raise money for worthwhile causes.

Effective Storage Management Disciplines

Today many companies IT budgets are spent on Storage and managing it effectively, just 10 years ago dedicated storage teams were virtually unheard of let alone having a disciplined approach to its expenditure.

29 Jul

Web Help Desk from SolarWinds

Another week, another addition to the SolarWinds portfolio! The acquisition fills a nice hole within the product range for SolarWinds, bringing a web based Help Desk ticketing system into the fold. The recent and continued growth of SolarWinds and the dominance of the Orion suite for network monitoring and management, it was always a matter of time before SolarWinds delivered a solution for service and help desk ticketing and here it is!

20 Oct

Reporting from IP EXPO in London

It’s been a busy week for the AppNetians! We’ve been bouncing from the N-Able Partner Summit (AZ) to TigerPaw (TX) and now across the pond to IP EXPO in London. Whew! We’re here in support of our partner, Prosperon Networks, a leading UK provider of network and systems monitoring solutions for small/medium and enterprise networks. Reporting from the floor of IPEXPO, there are a lot of people, great solutions and important discussions around network and application performance management.

27 Jul

Accreditation's What You Need!

I recently saw an article about the importance to IT staff of accreditation's on their CV's. Before getting into this in great detail I wanted to assure you all of my standing in this area by proudly announcing my own accreditation, Level 1- WSET (Wine, Spirit & Education Trust) which I hold dear to my heart (and liver). On a more serious note and having read through a large number of CV's of late I am struck by the importance these now play in our industry and in many cases the first things employers look for in the CV's of potential candidates.